Bye Bye, Catch you on the flip side.

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So here’s the thing, WordPress doesn’t allow people to use GoogleAdsense, that being said, I’m picking up my things and moving out. So come check out the new place, it’s really nice, rich reclaimed mahogany floors, leather bound books, a funny new name Broggasauraus.

So check it out, click on the ads and we can all be friends. Honestly, just between you and me, the ads aren’t great or anything, trust me I know I have an unused degree in Advertising. I could do a better job but can’t find someone to hire me.  So just click it, let it open and then close it. Even better, someone hire me! I’m going insane!!!

It’s been fun WordPress but I gots ta get paid. Byebyebye

(Really? That’s the last sentence I write on here? I expected better)

Mario Responds to PETA

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Via: Dorkly

No! You’re superhydrophobic!

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I need this in my life. I’m not exactly sure why I need it but it’s so damn cool.

“Ross Technology Corp. needed a better way to reduce corrosion on the steel products. When they couldn’t find a suitable one, they worked on creating something on their own. And eventually they hit upon a slick product that’s led to a whole new business. That product is NeverWet, a silicon-based spray-on coating that repels water and heavy oils.”

iPad protector

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I’m sold. If it can survive this I’m pretty sure the iPad will survive when a friend knocks it off the table.

“To demonstrate its RPT energy absorbing technology, G-Form goes skydiving with both the Extreme Edge™ and the Extreme Portfolio™ iPad cases and drops both iPads from above 1300 feet AGL after playing movies in free fall. Neither iPad sustains any damage with the movies still playing after ground impact. G-Form’s RPT technology was originally developed to protect athletes from impacts, but is now incorporated into their line of electronic device protection for tablets, laptop computers and other devices.”

Go Beyond The Cover

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I’m sold.


And some behind the scenes.

Smashing Pumpkins

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Happy Halloween


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It comes loaded.